• by John Patrick Shanley
  • Translation: Eugen Gyemant
  • Directed by: Diana Mititelu
  • Set design: Andreea Săndulescu
  • Costume design: Ioana Ungureanu
  • Sound design: Adrian Piciorea
Premiera: 16 April 2022
Duration: 1h 35min, no intermission

“Doubt” can be a bond as powerful and sustaining as certainty. When you are lost, you are not alone”, says father Flynn in his sermon that opens the performance.

John Patrick Shanley's play received the Pulitzer Prize and the Tony Award in 2005. It was screened in 2008, directed by the author, with an exceptional cast: Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams and Viola Davis, receiving several Oscar nominations.

Father Flynn and Sister Aloysius, the principal of the St. Nicholas Catholic Parish School in a New York City neighborhood, come into conflict when Sister James notices and reports some evidence of alleged sexual abuse committed by the priest over a black pupil.

Doubt is never replaced by certainty, which makes the performance an exciting case study of doubt. Doubt as a separation from certainty, from faith, in order to operate a necessary reconnection to the present, to the so changing reality of human life.


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The show "Doubt" directed by Diana Mititelu, from the State Theater in Constanta, proposes a clear staging, about a complex and emotional subject. It's a show that disturbs you, makes you think, challenges you to doubt. (...) The pace of the show is constant, with well-balanced scenes, both in terms of energy and tempo. The symbolic transition sequences between moments, through the intentionally slowed pace in the extra text scenes, have the function of concretely emphasizing the main ideas of the narrative thread. Diana Mititelu treads very carefully on the fine line between essence and appearance. The directorial option, assumed, to keep the viewer in a state of doubt, despite the fact that he is aware of the truth that is concretely shown to him, is approached very carefully and manages to sustain itself until the end. It is said that the purpose of the theater is not to give answers, but to ask questions, and this show constantly keeps the spectator in a state of uncertainty, of conflict between reason and feeling. In addition to the visual perspective, which contributes to the introduction to the story, the play of the actors clearly outlines the intentions and purpose of the characters.

Andreea Telehoi, Teatrul azi nr. 5-6