Personal data
  • Date of birth: 27-03-1955
  • Place of birth: Teiu, Argeș

One of the actresses of the Constanta State Theatre was born on World Theatre Day, 27 March. Not by chance, she is Nina Udrescu, about whom anyone who has ever seen her on stage would say, without fear of being wrong, that she was born for THEATRE. She graduated in 1982 from the Theatre Institute in Targu Mures and in her long career has played many of the great roles an actress could wish for. She made her debut in Baia Mare and came to Constanta in 1985, her first role here being Silvia in D.R. Popescu's ”These Sad Angels”, directed by Dominic Dembinski. She was Nina Zarecinaia and Arkadina in Chekhov's ”The Seagull”, Zoe in ”A Lost Letter”, Lena in Buchner's ”Leonce and Lena”, Lizzie in Sartre's ”Whore with Respect”, Lady Macbeth, and can still be applauded on the TSC stage for her roles in Tennessee Williams' ”Glass Menagerie”, Donald Coburn's ”Gin Rummy” , Neil Simon's ”Barefoot in the Park”, Aristophanes' ”Euthopia”. ”An actress in love with her profession and who does not joke about it, with a rare inner combustion that sometimes tends towards a devastating incandescence", is how Georgeta Mărtoiu described her in her book "Thalia ex Ponto". Her most recent appearances on the stage of the State Theatre are "Z-Day", directed by Bobi Pricop and "Seaside Stories", directed by Radu Afrim. For her roles in "Seaside Stories", Nina Udrescu was nominated for the UNITER Award for ”Best Actress in a Supporting Role”.


Part: Dna Banks


Part: Amanda


Part: Violeta Dincă, Coco's grandmother


Part: Mama, Nina Udrescu
  • "Dna Banks" în spectacolul BAREFOOT IN THE PARK / Directed by: Liviu Manolache
  • "Amanda" în spectacolul THE GLASS MENAGERIE / Musical Illustration and Directed by: Diana Mititelu
  • "FONSIA DORSEY" în spectacolul GIN RUMMY / Musical Illustration and Directed by: Liviu Manolache
  • "Karion, Servitoarea" în spectacolul EUTOPIA. THE WAY TO HAPPINESS / Screenplay and Directed by: Yannis Margaritis
  • "Violeta Dincă, Coco's grandmother" în spectacolul Z - DAY / Directed by: Bobi Pricop
  • "Violeta Dincă, Coco's grandmother" în spectacolul D DAY - GUESTS / Directed by: Bobi Pricop
  • "Memory 1" în spectacolul THE HEART OF QUEEN MARY / Regie: Alina Hiristea
  • "Hecuba" în spectacolul THE METAMORPHOSES OF LOVE / Directed by: Liviu Manolache
  • "M-me Ourfoule" în spectacolul SCAMMERS / Directed by: Bogdan Caragea
  • "Phebe/Doica" în spectacolul AS YOU LIKE IT / Directed by: Dan Vasile
  • "Nadia" în spectacolul TRANSPLANT / Directed by: Ovidiu Lazăr
  • "RANEVSKAIA LIUBOV ANDREEVNA" în spectacolul THE CHERRY ORCHARD / Directed by: Dan Vasile
  • "Sarah Good" în spectacolul VRĂJITOARELE DIN SALEM / Adaptare scenică: Gordon Edelstein, Ioana Ieronim
  • "Prima femeie (parc)" în spectacolul TERRORISM / Adaptare scenică: Felix Alexa
  • "Mama, Nina Udrescu" în spectacolul SEASIDE STORIES / Direction, script, sound design: Radu Afrim