Author: Matei Visniec

ȘOBOLANUL REGE – 12.04.2019 – ora 19:00
Radu Dinulescu
Sanda Mitache
Mihnea Brumariu
Video montage
Alexandru Bibere
120 minute
Spectacol nerecomandat minorilor
Iulian Enache,Remus Archip,Maria Lupu,Marian Adochitei,Mihai Sorin Vasilescu,Andrei Cantaragiu,Adrian Dumitrescu,Mirela Pana,Georgiana Mazilescu,Ana Maria Stefan

Somewhere in the Balkans, two armies are fighting each other, fighting for real, with bullets and blood, but they fraternize every evening watching TV, they sell weapons and ammunition to each other and would do anything for the media coverage of their conflict. In fact, there are not even two armies, because the belligerents are struggling, at a deep level, with themselves, trying to make their squalor known to the world, to appear on television.

It is an ugly and crazy world, whose interface with the public is the journalist, played by Iulian Enache. His aim becomes, over time, winning the crown of king of the audience, wining the first place in the news. Playwright Matei Vişniec, who is also a journalist at Radio France International, knows from the inside the current challenges of this profession, the way sensationalist journalism has come to represent the essence of human squalor, as the rat is the absolute image of dirt.

The alliance with the community of rats - a metaphor of communism - seen as a rescue from the mess that buries us, is fatal to humanity.