Author: Radu Popescu

Paliativ – 27.01.2019 – ora 19:00

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Artistic direction
Cristian Gheorghe
Lăcrămioara Dumitraşcu
The performance is not recommended for minors under 16 years of age


Adrian Dumitrescu, Alina Manțu, Cosmina Soare, Andrei Cantaragiu, Edi Vacariu, Cosmin Mihale, Ana-Maria Ştefan.


PALLIATIVE opened the 2018 edition of the Independent Theater Festival (FITIC) and the text, which belongs to the playwright Radu Popescu, was awarded at FITIC 2017. Moreover, Palliative is the first text of Radu Popescu set on the stage of a repertory theater. Through this approach, Constanta State Theater offers a chance to talented young artists from the independent theater system to confirm themselves on a professional stage.

"Palliative" tells the story of a profoundly corrupt system, in which doctors, nurses and patients intertwine their dramas, frustrations, lives. An authentic, painful story, but also with comic accents, just like in life. Playwright Radu Popescu depicts a world that swings between humanity and dehumanization.

The dictionary meanings of the word “palliative” are as follows: 1. Medication or treatment that relieves or removes the symptoms of a disease for a short time without suppressing the cause. 2. Figurative: A solution or measure that temporarily or apparently solves a difficult situation.