Author: Donald Coburn

Gin Rummy – 15.03.2019 – ora 19:00

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Liviu Manolache,
Eugeniei Tărășescu Jianu

Nina Udrescu, Liviu Manolache


GIN RUMMY este o piesă a dramaturgul american contemporan Donald Coburn, laureată, în anul 1978, cu Premiul Pulitzer pentru dramaturgie. Spectacolul Teatrului de Stat Constanța a avut premiera în anul 2008 și a fost reluat în 2018.

The performance is directed by Liviu Manolache, and he designed as well the musical illustration, while the scenography is signed by Eugenia Tărăşescu Jianu.

The American playwright's text is paradoxical through the comical effects extracted from a truly dramatic situation. Two pensioners, admitted to a nursing house, engage in an exciting card game, a situation that generates, on one hand, the humour, but also reveals the drama of two lonely people.

On Constanta State Theater’s stage, the two characters - Fonsia Dorsey and Martin Weller - are impersonated by Nina Udrescu and Liviu Manolache, two actors whose performances are well known to the Constanta audiences, two actors with very well-defined identities. Nina Udrescu

Liviu Manolache, doi actori ale căror performanțe sunt bine cunoscute publicului constănțean, doi actori cu identități bine conturate.

Each of them is a source of energy for the other, as understood also from the meanings of the two names: Fonsia comes from the Latin for `fountain` and the root of the name Weller is a fountain in English.