Author: Eugène Labiche

Cea mai frumoasa soție – 01.03.2019 – ora 19:00

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Mihai Constantin Ranin
Mihai Constantin Ranin
Mihai Constantin Ranin



Florina Stanculet / Georgiana Rusu,Liviu Manolache,Nicodim Ungureanu,Andrei Cantaragiu,Remus Archip,Andu Axente,Luiza Martinescu,Adrian Dumitrescu,Alexandru Iacov,Laura Craciun,Diana Vieriu,Cosmin Mihale și Gelu Ciobanu.


"The most beautiful wife" (the original title "Madame este trop belle") by Eugène Labiche is a play performed by our theater for the first time in Romania, directed by Mihai Constantin Ranin, manager of "Tony Bulandra" Theater from Târgoviște. He conceived the direction, as well as the scenography and the musical illustration.

Prestigious artistic personality of the Romanian stage, Mc Ranin is a director and a stage designer (member of the Union of Fine Artists in Romania) who lived in France for ten years, where he studied at the Sorbonne with the Romanian theatrologist George Banu, but returned to Romania, considering it much more thrilling to live here.

In France he created two theater companies, collaborated with Radio France International, the Paris Museum of Modern Art, Eurodisney and several theaters.

The performance offered by Constanta State Theater to its audience is a situation comedy in the Parisian bourgeoisie, the plot being woven around a most beautiful women courted by all the men around her.

Eugène Labiche (1815-1888) was seen by his admirers as Moliere equal, his comedies being considered more complex and less coarse than many other productions of the same genre. "Of all the characters that came out my way and which life offered me, I chose the bourgeois. Mediocre, par excellence, both in his vices and virtues, he is halfway between the hero and the villain, the saint and the offender", the playwright said referring to his work.